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Today’s news is all about last night’s awards. I couldn’t help but catch some of the tidbits of gossip and I would just like to comment on one thing. Regarding, John Travolta, flubbing up someone’s name. People said he should have gone to rehearsal and should have asked about the proper pronunciation. I say he just got tongue-tied when he tried to give her a complimentary warm welcome.

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I don’t get it

The Academy Awards; Oscars, Emmy, etc…I just don’t get it. Never did and don’t think I ever will.

I even had to look up the few names mentioned because I have never been one to follow such things. I hear the talk, mostly on TV, but I don’t get what all the excitement is about. It seems like every year these various awards get more and more mention.

I don’t understand why people care about who is wear what and by whom. Isn’t there more important things in the world? Shouldn’t more money and attention be applied elsewhere?

Sure I like movies. Entertainment is nice, but aren’t there people out in the world doing important things- like saving lives? Shouldn’t we be paying homage to them? Every person deserves respect and acknowledgement- not just celebrities.

Sometimes I think I am from another planet…

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Rabbit Rabbit

A British superstition

More on Rabbit Rabbit:

If only if were so easy… :/

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Something I have always wanted to do- blog and now I don’t know what to write…

Day 1

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